Mar 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

From the moment we read the message that we had an air date for our Shark Tank segment, I’ve had lines from The The’s “This is the Day” running through my head –


“This is the day — your life will surely change

                     This is the day –when things fall into place”


For the last four years, we’ve been pouring so much into our crazy idea of bringing a product to market and building a company from the ground up. We’ve navigated the patent process, learned all about injection molding, had money stolen, built an ecommerce website, dove into the miasma of social media marketing, been told no/”that can’t be done” multiple times, launched on Amazon, and uncovered four new tasks for every one we accomplished.


We’ve found a few constants as we’ve progressed. First and foremost, we believe in our product. We know it works and helps keep showers cleaner. We believe in our abilities, even those we have yet to uncover. We believe in each other and know how much we can accomplish together. And finally, reliance on our network of professional partners has led to growth, new ideas, and stronger relationships. Without their expertise, guidance, and encouragement we surely would not have made it this far. In addition to our family and dear friends, these people and their businesses have proved invaluable to us.


Angie and John from M & G Graphics have traveled every step of this journey with us, from product idea to Shark Tank preparation. In addition to printing our initial run of boxes, they redesigned and printed multiple iterations of our box and displays as we prepared for our Shark Tank taping. They’ve served as sounding-boards, devil’s advocates, cheerleaders, creatives, and even practice Sharks. Above all, they are the very dearest friends.


Patrick at C-2 Creative first assisted us in creating informational pages about HairyGrabster. Little did he know that within a few short months he would be receiving a call from me needing a backdrop designed for our Shark Tank pitch, and, um, could it be done in a day?  He delivered exactly what we wanted, in the time we needed, and was excited to do it. He is such a valuable addition to our network.


Salon L was the first salon to carry HairyGrabster. Erin’s enthusiasm for our product as a beauty professional led us to the new sales avenue of independent salons. She continues to champion our product, sell it in her salon, and mention it to all her clients.  


Grey House Goods has included HairyGrabster in their Stocking Stuffer Events and exposed our brand new product to a much wider audience. Additionally, Grace constantly inspires us with the growth of her business and by her use of social media to build a loyal customer base.


Mitchell’s Flowers in Orland Park agreed to be our local pickup location when we began selling online. Hinsdale Flower Shop carries HairyGrabster in its giftware line.  Knowing we had wonderful family and coworkers to rely on as we launched our business really bolstered us as we took our leap.


As we prepare for Shark Tank and beyond, we are so excited for all of our work to fall into place. And as surely as things will change, we feel blessed to move forward, surrounded by great people and joyful wishes.